Friday, February 3, 2012

Low Fire Friday - Cassie's Bling (Guest artist Cassie Ryalls)

Two of Cassie's Souls - featuring Cassie's Bling Glaze
This month's Low Fire Friday featured artist is Cassie Ryalls.

Not only is Cassie an amazing ceramic artist with knockout surfaces on her work, but she is a dear friend.

Cassie is currently a studio artist at CURVE studios & garden in the River Arts District of Asheville, NC. She has studied glaze chemistry at Penland School of Craft in Penland, NC and has been a resident at Odyssey Center for Ceramic Arts in Asheville, NC. Cassie earned a Bachelor of Arts in Art and Psychology from Berea College in Kentucky and later attended the University of Florida forpost-baccalaureate studies in Ceramics 
Cassie’s sculptures are inspired by people-watching, conversations, relationships and ideas from her psychology studies.

This month, Cassie is sharing one of her favorite glazes with us. She calls it "Cassie's Bling." It's a crawly crusty glaze with a sparkly glittery look. (What fun! I cant wait to try this one myself. Thanks Cassie!)

Cassie's Bling  -  Cone 04
Borax                         10
Magnesium Carbonate 35
Lithium Carbonate 25
Cryolite 30

Cassie's Notes -
**This glaze will fume a bit, so you don't want to put other pieces too terribly close to it. Give 'em an inch or two.

Here's Cassie's Bling on a red clay test tile

Here's Cassie's Bling on a white clay test tile