Friday, August 15, 2008

Glazing New Work

I love glazing! To me it's exciting and relaxing on so many levels. My work is low-fire earthenware, electric fired to glaze cone 04. Most of my glazes are heavily textured and made to crawl and crackle. I love texture! I fired these pieces yesterday, and they're in the kiln cooling now. I'm anxious to unload, see the results, and then again.

Once my work is bisque fired, I go through everything and plan out which glazes I'll use before I even pick up a brush. It sometimes reminds me of the paint-by-number, but this seems to be the most efficient way for me to switch between so many glazes. And besides, this way lets me relax and zone out because the color decisions are already made. I find it almost meditative.

I also decided that I needed to re-test all of my glazes. I have 50+ yogurt containers of mixed glazes - some of which were stored outside and unused for over a year. When I went to move them into my studio, some of the containers with this one particular glaze in it looked like this.....

I don't even know exactly what this is clinging to the outside of the containers!?! Do you? But it didn't look good, and I have my doubts as to whether these glazes will fire the way they once did. But I'm hoping to take a Glaze Chemistry workshop with John Britt this fall, so that I'll be able to do more problem solving when glazes don't work as planned.

[Glaze test tiles ready for firing.]

I also wanted to share a quote that I heard today on one of the World Cafe podcasts that I was able to download yesterday. The interview/quote is referring to Sam Phillips, and it struck me so I thought I'd pass it along.

"She succeeds beautifully by doing nothing more than being the best possible version of herself."

Have a great weekend!


Joy Tanner said...

That is a good quote...

Brian said...

That glaze container looks pretty funky... It almost looks like a soluble component crystallized out when it froze. If you were desperate, it might be possible to scrape those back into the container, but I'd probably not risk it.