Monday, October 6, 2008

Friends, Flowers and Fall

Ben and I had a great visit with Nigel, Cheyenne, and Chris Picket (he's up at UF working on his MFA) Friday night! It was awesome to be able to laugh, eat, drink and talk clay and "art stuff" with other artists. I often feel artistically isolated in the area where we're living. Which I suppose was one of the main factors for starting this blog.

Nigel and Cheyenne also brought us a couple of their tumblers. Aren't they great! Wish I was able to get a better picture. The carvings, and subtleties from the firing don't show up very well here.
I once had someone tell me that life is a balance of 3 things: Who you're with. What you're doing. And Where you are. If you can ever get all 3 of those to be in perfect alignment, then you must be living right! I feel like I've got the who and what, the where will come with time I suppose. What about you? Do you think this theory is true?

So, in an effort to enjoy the Where more, I have discovered a love for gardening. Ben and I spent Sunday afternoon working in the yard. We finally got a few azaleas and some ornamental grasses to start planting around the studio. Thought I'd share a few pictures...

And the sky was beautiful last night! It is starting to look a feel a bit more like fall. (Well, fall by Florida's standards anyway.) Thanks for dropping by to check in on what's going on here. Hope you had an enjoyable weekend, however you chose to spend it.


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Lyrika said...

Lovely pictures!! Feel happiness to see this flower picture.