Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekend Fun

WARNING: The following post would be considered "surface blogging" according to the art marketing advice of Alyson Stanfiend in her recent newsletter on
And I agree. So, if you are looking to read something deep, thought provoking, earth shattering, or otherwise, please check back later. This is not the post for you. I simply wanted to take a minute to appreciate the simple things in life. And how it is important for me to find a balance between my art career, my art making, and my life outside of art.

How was your weekend? I had what I like to think of as a well balanced weekend of fun.

Watched some football- We had amazing seats (4th row, 5o yardline!) for the LSU vs Florida Game. Too bad the game wasn't amazing too. It's tough being a Tiger fan in Gator country. Especially when the score was 51-21. ouch! Sunday Ben made a double batch of his Famous Oatmeal Cookies and I baked a couple loaves of sourdough bread.
We had homemade veggie soup/chili and an bottle of organic wine for dinner. Yum!
And I worked in the studio too. I'd go in for 1-2 hour intervals (while my bread was rising) and grind the groove into the pendants I've been shaping. This groove helps the wire stay in place when they are wrapped. Then I cleaned them up, and fired the kiln again last night.
Today I hope to clean up the mess from the tile saw and grinder, unload the kiln, sort the pendants by price, start wire wrapping, fire a kiln with slumped glass, and finish up some other odds and ends in the studio. I've decided that I just need to set aside a "computer day" to focus on my new artist statement and get my ETSY shop up and running.

So, I guess I should get to work. Hope you're having a great Monday!


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