Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cone 04 Glaze Testing Madness

Thought I'd share a few images of the latest batch of test tiles to come out of the kiln. The goal with these was to see how different glazes would look when layered on top of one another. As expected, some of these were really hideous.
But I did find 15 with some potential.
Today, the plan was to just straighten up the studio so it would be ready to go after the holidays. I had test tiles covering basically every horizontal surface, and it was time to box/trash many of them. But... as soon as I went out to the studio and saw those tiles (no, I didn't run away), I was compelled to do yet another round of testing! You would think it would have the opposite effect, and seeing tiles everywhere would prevent one from feeling the need/desire to test even more. But not me! I have the kiln going again with the 3rd batch!

This could really be a never ending cycle if I don't get a hold of it soon! Each tile just seems to give me more ideas of how to test and improve my glazes. However, I did decide that the testing madness must come to an end tomorrow. It will be time to move onto implementing these new glazes into my work. (well, not a complete end of testing. I'm sure I won't be able to resist sneaking in a tile or two into upcoming firings...)

Thank you for following along in my quest for amazing Cone 04 glazes!


Joy Tanner said...

Thank you for my random fun mail today, Meagan! Yay! I love the new cds! Just in time...I needed that!

Guess what??? I'm taking John Britt's glaze class with Linda Mac and Annie in January. He's building a test soda kiln just for the class. I'm so excited! There's so many ideas I have to test. Wanna come back and take a repeat?

Thanks again, Meagan!! As usual, you made me smile!


Joy Tanner said...

You're going to become a John Britt glaze guru! You could write a book on lowfire glazes when you're done testing!

Move away from the glaze scale.

I repeat,

Move away from the glaze scale!

Brian said...

I'm loving your results... the first four on the left are my favorites.

You'll be teaching your own glaze workshops soon at this rate!