Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Some Days....

... are just like that. I've been struggling a bit in the studio, but I'm trying to just focus and get through it. I cant decide if I'm not thinking about my work enough, or if I'm over thinking it. (Thanks for emphasizing with me Joy!) I feel like I have tons of ideas, but they are only bits and pieces of ideas that I cant seem to fit together into any sort of cohesive Big Idea.

Sketching has been helping, and I might have had a little "breakthrough" idea last night, so hopefully today will be a better Studio Day. It helps to think of these challenging times as opportunity for growth. I feel like I've been focused on the business aspect of my art career, and now it's time to take a step back and refocus on the art itself.

So, bear with me. I'm still around, but trying to spend more time in the studio than at the computer.
Hope your days have been peaceful, warm, and stress-free.

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Joy Tanner said...

I realized I had all these new ideas for some tiles with texture and I felt like I wanted to explode them all onto one form. Finally I realized I couldn't do that, so I tried to sort out all those new bits and pieces and focus on trying them each on one individual project, rather than focusing for the Big Idea. Try narrowing them down and see where you get!

Loved the fresh flower!