Friday, March 27, 2009

Daily Art Muse

My work was featured yesterday on Daily Art Muse. Thank you Susan for the unexpected and wonderful write-up!

"Daily Art Muse is an online space where artists find snippets of daily inspiration to keep their creativity flowing." Author and polymer clay artist, Susan Lomoto, writes three or four times each day (Mon-Fri) on art that "tickles my muse and stirs my imagination."

Hop on over and check it out!


Coming Soon (I promise) - A two part series on what I've learned about art marketing and self promotion. Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

great post on you at the daily art muse blog... i really like the first two wallpieces. i don't recall seeing them posted here but anyway they are very cool, i've always had a soft spot for incorporating sticks into pieces.

Meagan Chaney said...

Thanks Jim! The two pieces that were posted on Daily Art Muse are a couple years old, but I may get back into incorporating found objects again. You just never know where the creative process will take you! Thank for reading!