Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ceramic Sculpture - In Progress

Here are a few Work-in-Progress pics...
Drawing images/ideas to scale.

From the scale drawings, tracing paper patterns are made and used to cut out the clay slabs for construction. I make these large sculptures much the same way that I make the Minis.

Scale drawing for ceramic sculpture. Some of these are finished and images are posted here.

Untitled- In Progress, Highwater's Lymen Red Earthenware Clay, 32" x 21" x 1"

Untitled - In Progress, Highwater's Lymen Red Earthenware Clay, 32" x 22" x 1"

Thanks for stopping in. Back to the studio for me!


ang said...

v.cool, are they ending up anywhere special..?

Anonymous said...

cool post... i like the process shots, last piece is beautiful

Meagan Chaney said...

Thanks you Ang and Jim! Both of these are for my June show at the Appleton Museum. I'm hoping to have another kiln load fired and glazed by Monday!

Maggie Bergman said...

Love to see the work in progress shots! I had no idea they were that big! Comes from being a jeweller I suppose:)

Meagan Chaney said...

Thanks Maggie! You're right, it's definitely hard to determine scale from the computer screen sometimes! Glad the in-progress shots helped convey that.

I like what you say in your blog profile about the relationship between worrying and artist's block. So true!