Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New Work and In Progress

Here are a few more new and in-progress ceramic sculptures for my upcoming exhibition "Urban Bloom" at the Appleton Museum of Art. The Opening Reception is Saturday June 6th from 3 - 5pm. I will also be giving an Artist Talk and Hands-on-Demonstration just before the reception from 1:30 -2:30Scent of Childhood, Earthenware clay, 43" x 36" x 1"

Hearts Ease, earthenware clay, 33 x 20 x 1"

Patience, earthenware clay, 26 x 22 x 2"

Daybreak, earthenware clay, 24 x 16 x 1 1/2"

Anticipation, earthenware clay, 43" x 58" x 1"
(This piece was too large for my current photo set up, so I took this quick shot instead. The plan is to get installation shots at the Appleton next month.)

In-Progress, Untitled. Scale drawing taped to the design wall.

Thanks for reading and checking in on what's been happening in the studio! After my much-needed and overdue mental and physical break last week, things have been going great!



ang said...

i do like these pieces patience and anticipation, some lovely details and colour sense, it will be great to see some insitu images, great work meagan

Meagan Chaney said...

Thanks Ang! It makes me glad I spent all that time back in the fall testing glazes so that I could have a new color palette!

Anonymous said...

beautiful pieces, particularly heart's ease and daybreak

Meagan Chaney said...

Thank you so much Jim! I was especially pleased with Hearts Ease too. Glad you and Sofia are enjoying your time together in the studio!

Vicki said...

Hi Meagan, I stumbled across your blog and just love your work, especially when seeing images of it on the wall in a home. I had a question for you: how do you take your lovely pictures to get the background looking so great (in your portfolio pictures) while still showing off your wall pieces?

Meagan Chaney said...

Hi Vicki,

Thank you for stopping in to read my blog and for your compliments!

I keep meaning to take a picture of how I photograph my work, but keep forgetting. It's actually super simple and fairly low tech.

I have a large (apx 4'x8') black to white gradient background paper that I roll out onto the floor and then set my wall work directly on top of it. Then, I climb a ladder and take the photo looking down at what's laid out on the floor. I have a couple photography type lights that I point directly up at the ceiling. That way I get nice, soft reflected light and less harsh shadow. That's it. No tripod.

I'll have to work on a blog post describing this a bit better. Thanks for the inspiration.

Good luck glazing and with the rest of your to do list!


Kitty Shepherd said...

These are beautiful. Can I ask you what you are glazing them with, if anything? They don't look particulalry glazed and this is a look I am trying to acheive.

Meagan Chaney said...

Hi Kitty! Thanks for asking!

Yes, they are all glazed - Lowfire, cone 04. I love textured, crawling glazes!

I mix all the glazes myself, but here's a link with some of the recipes:

I'm not sure what temp you are firing your jars to, but your colors are lovely. And I love the tile piece you're working on! Did you use underglazes? slips?

Let me know if there's a specific glaze/surface you're interested in and I'll be happy to share more details!

Thanks again! Happy glazing

Kitty Shepherd said...

I am firing to 1107 Celcius. All my painting is done with very thick slips that i colour with oxides or stains. The only problem I have is with the green chrome which can come out matt is it is too strong. My glaze is lead sesquilicate high glossy trasparent. How high is cone 04?
I have looked at your link and I like the glazes very much but it is not right for the job I am after.
The tiles are in the kiln right now so they will be out tomorrow and I will load them up on blog then hopefully. Just starting another set now on cream slip.

Meagan Chaney said...

Hi Kitty,

I had to look at my firing chart to convert to Celsius, but I believe it is around 1060. Good luck with your tiles. I'll be on the lookout for pictures of the finished product.