Thursday, January 28, 2010

Coming Soon - New Fused Glass Pendants

I loaded all 300 of these fused glass beauties into the kiln yesterday.I'm excited about some of the new color combination and refined shapes I've been working on! I'll be wire wrapping them and getting them into galleries and Etsy for online shopping soon.


Lynn Armour said...

Beautiful!! Can I buy one from you or do I need to go to Etsy's? Jane Frances has a birthday in two weeks, and I've been meaning to get her some of your designs. Thanks! Lynn Armour

Megan Spillars said...

Beautiful, Meagan!! You have been one busy lady.

cookingwithgas said...

Wow! that is a ton of work.
I love the colors.
There is something there for everyone.

jamie said...

nice mom has one of these from Fresh Vintage. She loves it of course!

Meagan Chaney said...

Thank you ladies!!

Lynn, So glad you want to get one for Jane Francis! Thank you!
Let me know if you're looking for a particular size or color and I'll see if I can search for an extra special one. I think Etsy will be the easiest - I'll have info and all the pictures posted there too.

mizzledrizzle said...

Dear Megan,
thank you for being so kind regarding my 'shout out' on my blogger! Especially as I was rather discourteous by not asking your permission first. But you are very generous and sound so lovely in your blogger I just wanted to say thanks in person and tell you that you inspire me!
kindest regards
Heather (mizzledrizzle)