Thursday, January 14, 2010

Currents: Contemporary Ceramics - Opening Reception

Currents: Contemporary Ceramics

January 11-29, 2010

Focus Gallery
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL

Juried by Linda Arbuckle and John Byrd

TONIGHT - Opening Reception on Friday, January 15, from 7pm-9pm


ang said...

wow you're in fine company there..and happy new year meagan.. cheers ang

Tina said...

Thanks for posting these gallery shots, Megan! In addition to really enjoying seeing your piece installed,the green Chutney Bowl (tall foot, back of first pic) is mine, and I'm just thrilled to see a pic of the show.

Nice to kinda meet you, congrats on the show, and extra thanks for posting these photos.

My best,
Tina Gebhart

Meagan Chaney said...

Hi Tina,

You are most welcome for the gallery shots. Wish you could have made it to the show.

Just popped over to your website and recognized your teapot immediately... December's ceramics monthly is sitting on my desk. Congrats on making the cover!!

Are you attending NCECA? It be great to meet in person?


Tina said...

Hi Meagan,

I'll be at NCECA too - and meeting would be great. I'll for sure be at the Strictly Functional: Then & Now opening. Hope you can come by that, it should be a good exhibition.

Thanks much for the congrats! :)

Meagan Chaney said...

What's the date and time of that Opening? I couldn't find the info online.