Thursday, June 17, 2010

Heading West - The Clay Studio of Missoula

More exciting news and adventures to share! I recently found out that I was chosen for a short-term residency position at The Clay Studio of Missoula in Montana.
So, I'm taking my baby bump out west to Big Sky Country for a bit of an adventure. I'm looking forward to having a month to just explore and create. I have so many ideas and techniques that I want to investigate! The plan is to continue developing the current direction of my work; new sculptural forms I started during my post-bacc at UF.

And the timing is perfect! Not only am I grateful to have an opportunity to do this before the baby comes, but I'll still be in my 2nd trimester (aka the "honeymoon phase of pregnancy") so energy will be up and I'll be feeling great.

So, we've got a whirlwind week ahead as I pack and prepare for this amazing opportunity. Thank you!


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ang said...

wow have fun....i'm sure you will soo much going on for ya...