Friday, June 1, 2012

Low Fire Friday - Lizard Skin Glaze

Lizard Skin - Cone 04

Magnesium Carbonate 40
Lithium Carbonate       15
Borax                          10
Gerstley Borate           20
Silica                             5
Nepheline Syenite        20

For color add...
Light golden brown/dark yellow ochre: + Rutile 5%

Lizard Skin has a sandier, crunchier texture compared to the smooth satin beads of the Low Fire Crawl Glaze. Again, apply it THICK.

With this glaze, I've had the best results using it immediately after it has been mixed. Probably from the Borax (which is water soluble and evaporates changing the composition of the glaze) and from the Neph Sye (which causes the glaze to settle like a rock making remixing difficult.)

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