Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Studio Tour

Well, I've made tons of progress moving in and unpacking the studio the last couple days! Thought I'd take you on a quick tour of my progress...

I've been able to organize everything in to sections for the most part. You can see the Glass Area in the front of this picture and my Glazing Station in the background. It's strange to think that we've had all this stuff stored all over our house for the last 18 months! So glad to have it out and have access to my equipment and materials again!

That big blank space is where my kiln is going to go.
We haven't tackled the task of moving that yet, hopefully this weekend.
And I still have a couple peg boards with test tiles to hang on the wall over there too.

Here's the view back toward my main work tables.
I'm so glad we decided to put in so many windows!

My Tea Counter by the front door and a view into the bathroom.

And that concludes todays tour! Hope you enjoyed it!



Joy Tanner said...

Look about perfect, Meagan! I enlarged the pics and happily noticed my mug living on your tea break table. The colors look so different, green, then blue, in different shots.

jojomicester said...

The studio turned out beautifully! So glad you have an office to call your own. Great job!