Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tea Time

I am not a coffee drinker, never have been. However, I do admit to having a slight obsession with good tea. Except for when it's blistering hot out, I have a cup (or pot) of tea just about every afternoon. (Maybe I was British in a past life?) Probably my favorite part of this ritual is choosing who I will have tea with that day. And by who, I mean who's mug. Over the years it been fun to collect and trade for these wonderful pieces. Each one has a personality and story all its own.

When we have guests at the house, they're always surprised that we actually use these beautiful works of art. It's fun to explain how the potters I know generally want their work to be used and not just admired. I'm not sure if this is the case for every potter though.

To the potters and collectors out there reading this blog: What do you think? Does all functional work, need to used to be fully appreciated?

Just wondering,

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Joy Tanner said...

Now you know of course that I will say yes! Yes, it is only under close inspection do you see and get to fully appreciate all the details that are involved in each piece of pottery. Each detail that the maker carefully chose to reveal, hoping you will notice while you are using it.

Decoration is fine, too, but sometimes things could get unnoticed in the dust. Not to mention the fact that pottery makes everything taste better. Today was a cool rainy tea day here...wish we could have a tea break together!