Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Small Set Backs

Ever have one of those days where things just don't seem to be going in your favor? Even things you've done 1,000 times before with ease and success just don't work out?

It's been like that for me these last couple days. It started first thing yesterday morning... I went out to the studio to put a coat of polyurethane on the steel and wood pieces for my tile plaques so that they would be ready for the 2nd coat by the time I got back from the gym/errands. It was about 7:15am and just as I was feel great about being so efficient, I somehow managed to knock the can of polyurethane over - spilling 1/2 of it all over me and creating a giant puddle on the floor. It was such a huge sticky mess! Ugh!

The setbacks continued today - again with my tile plaques. After all the polyurethane dried, I glued the steel and wood together, and then (after that was dry) glued the tiles to the steel. (Just like I always do.) While I was gluing the plaques together, I ran out of one tube of silicone and had to switch to a new one. Well, for whatever reason, none of the plaques I glued with the 2nd tube dried last night! I only had about 15 completely finished, and the other 60 or so will have to be redone! Again, a sticky mess! Ugh.

Here's a picture of the Tile Plaques awaiting scraping and then re-gluing. Fun. Fun. I did manage to get the few finished ones shipped out to Curve Studios to help restock my inventory there.

Hope your day is going smoothly,



Michael Kline said...

I'm sorry to hear about the bad luck streak. But I wanted to say that I love the tiles. I've always had a tile making fantasy, but have only dabbled. The work you're making looks right on, both technical and aesthetically.
I'm sure you luck will change. I'm enjoying the blog, despite your foibles. Thanks for your honesty.

Joy Tanner said...

Hey Meagan! Where are you? Are you on blogcation? Hope you're doing good down there in Florida. Can't wait til you're back up to visit in October...

Parvathy, Pushpa said...

Hi Megan,
Me and my friend Pushpa are artists and we love woring on ceramic. Came across your blog and I am hooked. Lovely work and a superb blog. I would like to blogroll you if it is ok with you. Please visit our blog at and let me know your views. Cheers, Parvathy