Monday, September 1, 2008

John Britt's Basic Ceramic Glaze Workshop

I mentioned this briefly in a earlier post, but wanted to tell you more about it...

John Britt is again offering his famous

Basic Glaze Chemistry and Raw Materials Workshop

October 27-31,2008 in Bakersville, NC

Learn basic glaze chemistry of clay bodies and glazes.
Covering low, medium and high-fire glazes.

These pictures are from a previous workshop, but I cant wait to take this class in the fall. And class size is small (only 5-7) so you'd better sign up early!

Here are the results from the glaze tests I ran in my studio a few weeks ago. The flash washed things out a bit in this picture, but overall I was happy with the results. Even the glaze with the strange crustiness on the container seemed to fire ok.

Happy Glazing,


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Brian said...

I like your pegboard for glaze tests. So organized!
And all the crunchy textures!

I use extruded square tubes about 3" tall. It's good for seeing what the glaze will do vertically, but it's much bulkier than your system.