Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Back to Glass

In Monday's post I talked a little about how I'm hoping to get back to incorporating glass in my clay work. Yesterday, I spent the afternoon cutting strips of Bullseye Compatible fused glass, so that I could see the color palette I had to work with. Quite a range, and similar to some of my new glazes.

Since the show 2008 season has has pretty much come to an end for me, I'm hoping I can spend the next few weeks just experimenting and "playing" in the studio. It seems to be time for me to push my work and challenge myself. I usually find these studio days extremely refreshing and needed. It keeps me excited about my work and helps nurture those creative ideas.

[An older piece with clear float glass slumped into the "window"]

I've been craving more color in my work. Not bright, flasy colors, but more a little more color nonetheless. Maybe it's been the influence of living in Florida the last 2 years where is 70 degrees in December. Whatever it is, start looking for new/experimental work in 2009. I'll try to share pictures of both the good, and not-so-good ideas.

I hope your finding ways this holiday season to enjoy life and do the things that make you happy.


PS - I added a "Currently Reading" section at the bottom right hand side of this blog. My library list is quite long and growing. But, I'd love for you to share any good books you've read lately.


Mallory said...

Have you ever tried firing glass in one of your pieces during the glaze firing? When my mother took her first pottery class she decided to try and it and her experiment yieled some wonderful results! My blog My Signature Piece has a photo of a bowl that I melted glass into if you want to see it. I personally love the effect and use it in a lot of my pieces. It may be something you would like to try. Just a suggestion.

Judy Shreve said...

Your glass palette is gorgeous - what fun to play. Can't wait to see what you do.

I can't find your 'currently reading' section - but I'm reading two books right now -- Wally Lamb's new book "The Hour I first Believed" and Twyla Tharp's book - "The Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It for Life." I'm really enjoying both of them.

Annie said...

What wonderful pieces of art - loved looking at your changing photos. Keep up the great creative work!

Meagan Chaney said...

Mallory - Most of the glass/clay combos pieces I make are fired separately. I haven't tried too much with actually firing the glass in glaze firings. I have some old glass that isn't compatible with what I currently use, so your idea might be a great way for me to experiment with it. Thanks for the suggestion!

Judy - My 'currently reading section' is just a listing all the way at the bottom right of my blog. Maybe I can figure out how to add comments directly to this feature. I'll have to jot down the Lamb book. But, funny you should mention it, I finished reading The Creative Habit just before Thanksgiving. Enjoyed it - though I think a lot of the advice was more applicable to dancers/performers rather than visual artist.

Annie - Thank you for your encouraging remarks! Hope you to hear more from you in the future.