Monday, December 8, 2008

Glazes - Full Spectrum Results

My 250+ test tiles came out of the kiln this weekend. Overall, I was very pleased with the results. Some nice surprises, interesting textures, and great colors.

It amazes me how the same amounts of the same colorant added to different base glazes can produce such different results. Look at the ranges of blues from cobalt carbonate or greens chrome oxide!
[Cone 04 ceramic glaze test tiles using line blends of (L-R) dark rutile, red iron oxide, cobalt carbonate, chromium oxide, copper carbonate. The single tile to the far right is the base glaze with no additives.]

Of course, there were still some things I wanted to work that didn't turn out. But here are my 24 favorite. And to think, I was only hoping for 10! All that mixing and calculation was worth the time and energy.
I thought that I'd be so sick of mixing glazes that I wouldn't want to even look at the triple beam balance much less strap on a respirator and start adding chemicals together. But I was so excited when I saw some of these, that I was back at it yesterday. Unfortunately, I ran out of a few materials, so I'll be placing an order with Highwater Clays this afternoon.

I'm hoping this increased color palette will allow me to get back to working more mixed media - incorporating both glass and clay in my sculptural forms. I've often felt like the clay/glass combinations in my work compete with each other, so I'm hoping to find a pleasing harmony of sorts now.

For all you low-fire potters and ceramic artists out there reading this - stay tuned. I'm planning on posting a few glaze recipes once I get a few more of the kinks worked out.

Thank you to everyone for stopping in. Hope you're enjoying your day, wherever you are. Time for me to get off the computer and get to the studio!



Brian said...

Great results!
I'd have trouble narrowing it down to 24 even. With all those colors and shades, it should make color matching with your glass a lot easier.

cynthia said...

Meagan - these are truly inspiring tests! I love glaze testing and will stay tuned for your recipes. I fire my own work to cone 6, but teach kid's clay classes and we use low fire white earthenware.

I have been purchasing commercial glazes for their work, but just decided a few weeks ago that I'm going to start making glazes for them since it's so expensive to buy commercial. I have started making a clear glaze, but am collecting low fire recipes to test over winter break - they want a large color palette too so your tests are fantastic!

Joy Tanner said...

These look great Meagan! I wish I could see them in person but it looks like you've gotten even further along than from your first original test batch from your class. So much bright color. Yeah! I need you here to help me do some glaze tests!

ang said...

brilliantly done and such organised work, looking forward to your implementation...

Meagan Chaney said...

Brian, Cynthia, Joy and Ang - Thank you for checking in on my glaze test results!

I'm testing/firing again today and tomorrow. Yay! Cynthia, I'll get those recipes out ASAP!


Anonymous said...

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