Friday, December 5, 2008

Testing, 1, 2... 300!

Well, I think it's actually more like 250-something. Seriously! I spent all week mixing up test glazes. It took much, much longer than I anticipated. Guess, I really hadn't done the math to figure out just how many new glazes I wanted to try. (Thanks John Britt for giving me so many ideas during our workshop!)

I started with 8 base glazes. Sounds simple enough. Then, for each one I wanted to test various stains/oxides/colorants. So, I the picked between 5-8 oxides for each base glaze. THEN, I wanted to see what varying amounts/percentages of the oxides would do, so that I would have a gradation of color.
[Unfired Test Tiles]

I lost count of exactly how many of these line blends I did, but they're all in the kiln now, cooling down. Tomorrow will be the moment of truth. My goal is to find new cone 04 textured/crawling glazes and to expand my current color palette. If I get 10 out of this firing that I like, I figure I'm doing pretty good.
This was actually only the first series of tests I hope to do this month. (Though the thought of mixing any more at the moment makes my head spin a bit.) The plan is to take the successful glazes from this batch and cross them with each other.

So, tomorrow morning will feel like an early Christmas when I open the kiln. Cant wait!

Thanks for taking the time to stop in and see what I've been up to in the studio.



Carolyn said...

Cool, sounds like when I test new watercolors with the ones I know already but on a much much grander scale!!! You go girl!

Judy Shreve said...

Whew - you've made my head spin reading about your testing . . .lol.
I've been testing glazes this year too - so I know how much work you've been doing. Isn't John Britt the best!
Good luck - hope your tiles reveal some luscious surfaces.

Patricia Griffin said...

omg! You are a very patient person. I can see why your glazes look so wonderful. You've really studied it and continue to work out new variations. I hope the kiln-opening held some wonderful new glazes!