Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tip for Storing Ceramic Glaze Materials

For those of you that know me, this confession will not come as a surprise. I thoroughly enjoy being compulsively organized! Sometimes I wonder if I should be seeking help for this, or if I should be teaching others how to become more organized.

I almost took organizing to an extreme a few years ago and invested $100+ in plastic containers to store my glaze chemicals. I wanted all the containers to be the same. Or, at the very least, similar. But I came to my senses, and found an easier solution. Financially at least.

Local restaurants. I stopped in a cafe near my studio and asked the owner if he would mind saving the mayo, relish, black pepper, cinnamon etc containers for me. He was more than happy to, because then he didn't have to throw them away or haul them to recycling. It was a win-win situation. And 3 years later I'm still using the free containers that it took him just 2 weeks to collect! So, if you're in need of storage containers, give it a try! Ask nearby restaurants to help out a local artist!

This is my glaze storage area.

A friend gave me a Edward Monkton card a while back that seems to explain my feelings perfectly. I keep it posted neatly on the bulletin board in the studio, and it always makes me laugh. Happy Organizing!


Judy Shreve said...

Great ideas. I also have friends save those big pretzel jars from Costco for me. And the bakery in the grocery stores will save their big icing buckets for you & you can use those to mix glazes in.

Your studio glaze area looks very organized!

Meagan Chaney said...

Hey Judy, Thanks for the other tips on where to find good, free containers! Anybody else have any suggestions?

Joy Tanner said...

Oh, Meagan, I'm with you on this one! I need that card, too! Although, you put even me to shame when it comes to organizing!

Yeah for recycling and reusing!

Happy turkey day!

Patricia Griffin said...

Wow! I am so impressed with the way your studio storage looks. It's actually pretty darn thrilling... and I'm almost compelled to follow suit. However... I really like the IDEA of organizing, but don't tend to want to invest the continual upkeep. It would be great fun to really super-organize ONE TIME and then consider it a done deal. I would really like that.