Thursday, February 5, 2009

Critique Please

So, I like many other artists out there, I work alone. And while this can be a huge advantage - (private space, my own music, uninterrupted time, etc) there are some drawbacks. One of the aspects I miss the most of is the companionship and critiques of a community environment.

After Judy Shreve was nice enough to offer some feedback on a recent post, I decided to specifically ask you readers for a critique of my Mini Sculptures.

Some Quick Background info: These started last summer and were originally inspired by sea urchins. They are hollow, slab constructed from earthenware clay, and glaze fired to ^04. Sizes range from 2 1/2 - 4 1/2" I've made 6 batches so far, and have posted images of the progression of this body of work.

Batch 1 (above)

Batch 3 - Winter Series (above) (Note: no images of Batch 2. They were all that bad!)

Batch 4 - Spring Series (above)

Batch 5 (above)

Batch 6 -with handmade glass cabochons (above)
Note: Batches 5-6 were made and glazed at the same time, but represent 2 different styles.

I would really appreciate any feedback that any of you out there have. I've formed my opinions, picked my favorites, and decided on areas of improvement, but I'd love to hear your thoughts. What works? What doesn't? What's missing? What should I explore more? What should I leave out? etc? Any constructive criticism is welcome!

Thank you so much!!


Brian said...

I like both batch 1 and 6.
Batch 1 is very earthy and organic, and I really like the spines and textures. I like the ancient, almost prehistoric look.

Batch 6 is more like your other work, with the flowing curves. The bright colors and glass accents really set them off. I'm usually pretty bad at 'Name That Potter', but I'd be able to spot these as a 'Meagan Chaney'

cookingwithgas said...

I am enjoying them all- they look like anything from my grandmother's pin cushion to loaves of baked goods ( yummy ones) to some exotic sea creature.
I really like 1 and 6- but I see possibilities in all of them.
It seems to me that you have endless possibilities here and could explore them all for many years with no boredom.

Anonymous said...

I decided on batches 1 and 6 as well, BEFORE reading the already posted comments. Curious. Some of the others are successful as well, but I think what makes 1 and 6 work is a combination of their decoration and finishes.

The shapes in batch six seem to work better with the brighter colors, for instance. And in general, the finishes on batch one have more depth and movement; they almost look like high fire glazes.

Patricia Griffin said...

Hi Meagan - It's so hard to truly "see" the art when we're looking at photos. That being said, #1 is awesome, of course. I see real possibilities in #3. I'm thinking that some of the pieces in #4 and #5 have too much contrast... Somehow like circus tents, although that's not always a bad thing. More whimsical than "natural" like your previous work. #6 is totally cool. More along the "natural" palette and shapes, organic in feel, and seems like it flows from your earlier work. Yes, I really like where you're going with Batch 6.

Linda Starr said...

I like Batch 3 as a grouping, but they might appear washed out individually (probably because I see all the other batch photos here). I like the textures on one and six, but the colors and asymmetrical designs of six.