Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Self Critique

I've been avoiding writing this post.

So much so, that I have managed to get all sorts of other computer tasks accomplished as a sort of procrastination technique. It can be tough to face one's own work and look at it with an eye towards constructive criticism.

Though I'm still not sure what to say, writing this post will at least force me to think about my work.
Batch 1
I agree that there is a quality in Batch 1 that isn't present in the others. The colors are more muted and earthy. The forms are more spherical; less flattened.

Both batches 1 and 6 seem to work well as a grouping. The Minis in Batches 3-5 have more individual appeal to me, and look more jumbled when seen together.

Batches 4-6 all came out of my 100 Mini Challenge. (Though I only actually made it to 75. Bummer!) As intended, this exercise forced me to try things a bit out of my comfort zone. Some of these experiments, new techniques, glaze combination, and slip patterns are successful. Some are not. But what I've learned from doing so many in such a short period of time created a huge learning curve! So, it's true. Even the failed pieces are essential.
Batch 6
I turned back to my typical carvings when I was about on Mini #50. (Batch 6) These carvings are the most natural and instinctual for me to create. I feel this line movement creates an appealing asymmetrical balance on these symmetrical forms.

Technically, I remembered also that the glazes in Batch 1 were both brushed and sprayed. I'm wondering if the spray application helps to give a softer, more organic look, as well as depth with the gradation of color/texture. I'll have to remember to experiment with that more in the next batches.

Thank you Brian, Meredith, Paul, Patricia, Linda for your comments and critique! And thanks Carolyn, Bonnie, and Dad for your emails! I truly appreciate you taking the time to look over my work and offer feedback!!

Off to the studio now!


Judy Shreve said...

Self critique is the most important critique. We can all give you feedback - but only you can choose your true direction. You've just done quite a bit of work & self evaluation - your pots are gonna soar now! Congrats!

ang said...

hi meagan, oops... i did write quite an extensive critique but blogger crashed the box when i published it ...essentially it was what you concluded- and your thoughts are far more crucial to the next step and that is pretty much what i wrote, sorry i didn't get back to writing again, cheers ang..
.kinda sounds like the dog ate my homework eh?....

Brian said...

Ugh. Self-critique is the worst I think. But I really think you're on to something with batch 1 and 6. And you might not have remembered that batch 1 was sprayed if you hadn't stopped to think about it.
And the 'failures' are just stepping stones along your path. Jeanne Carbonetti told us in a workshop once that she saved all her 'uglies' when she started out, just set them aside. After a couple years, she got them all out, and lined them up in order around the room, and you could see the growth and progression of her voice and style. She determined that it takes about 100 uglies for any significant breakthrough.