Friday, January 6, 2012

Low Fire Friday – (My Favorite) Crawl Glaze

In honor of the New Year, I'm starting a new monthly feature - Low Fire Friday!!

The first friday of every month this year, I will be posting a low fire glaze/slip recipe, commercial glaze review, or other low fire related technique/product.  Some of the recipes will be my favorite standbys; some from other potters/ceramicists. I've got an exiting line up of select Guest Artists willing to share their secrets so stay tuned in the months ahead!

Hope you enjoy this new little feature. And without further delay, here's the first recipe...

(My Favorite) Crawl Glaze

 This is by far my favorite Crawl Glaze. It is very reliable, but the trick is that is has to be applied THICK! And by thick, I mean super, super, think. Think cake icing application, not typical pot glazing. The thicker the application, the more it will crawl.

Crawl Glaze
- Cone 04

Gerstley Borate            46.5
Magnesuim Carbonate 31.0
EPK                            18.6
Borax                            3.9
+ Zircopax                     5.5


[beige, dark truquoise, light turquiose]

For color add...
Beige/pale yellow: + red iron oxide 1%
Dark turquoise/jade: + copper carbonate 5%
Light turquoise/jade: + copper carbonate 1%

[light turquoise]


Linda Starr said...

You have the best crawl glazes even better in person and I was amazed they were put on so thick, thanks for sharing.

Pauline said...

Thanks Megan, I am just starting to use low fire clay and I am amazed at how little info, especially on glazes, there is on this. Mostly I use commercial glazes, but would love to know/see experiments on layering glazes as I have done with stoneware. Looking forward to your Friday postings

Meagan Chaney said...

Thanks Pauline and Linda! Hope this little monthly feature is helpful for everyone! Hooray for lowfire!


Anne said...

Yes a big hooray for lowfire. I fire at 1040 - 1060 cellsius. And also a big hooray for you glazes, they are amazing!

Love from Holland

smartcat said...

I only work in low fire so am happy, happy to find another who has ideas on the medium. I do majolica, a la Linda Arbuckle and Walter Ostrom!

Meagan Chaney said...

Great! Actually, Linda will be posting a glaze recipe a guest artist later this year! What fun!

Anonymous said...

Having taken a terrific workshop of yours I have been using some of The glaze recipes you so graciously gave to the class. I really like this crawl glaze and another one which had sand added to it.
Thank you for being so giving... you Are the "Tim Tebow" of instructors a wonderful person. Thanks for sharing!

Marsha of Marsha Neal Studio said...

Found your blog via your website which I found through Pinterest... Love your work! Can't wait to check out your blog & website some more...

Meagan Chaney said...

Oh my goodnes! To be called Tim Tebow AND I make it onto Pinterest! What a great day!